Former Hungarian PM Reveals Role of Hungarian Secret Service in Toppling Ceaușescu

Former Hungarian Prime Minister Miklós Németh has revealed Hungary’s role in helping topple Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu.

Author and reporter Árpád Szőczi got an exclusive interview with Németh in Budapest after unearthing a Hungarian Secret Service Agent’s report that stated that the Romanian dictator had his forces set up seven missiles outside of Cluj-Napoca aimed at the Hungarian nuclear power plant in Paks, near Budapest.

When confronted with the document the Hungarian PM admitted that he had sent in dozens of agents to Romania since he came to power in November of 1988. He said it was one of his agents who wrote the report. Németh said he sent in Hungarian agents because he was concerned about the volatile situation in Romania and Ceaușescu’s aggressive attitude to Hungary. (Ceaușescu had asked Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev several times to invade Hungary and Poland because they were not properly following the Communist line.)

Németh said that he also made a deal with Romanian General Victor Stănculescu so that if things would come to a head they “would work together”.

The Hungarian Secret Service also built up a communications network within Romania that permitted them to listen in on the Romanian Secret Police – the Securitate. That enabled them to pinpoint where Securitate officers were firing from during the revolution. They then passed that on to the Romanian military which had gone over on the side of the people a few days after fighting began.


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